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Cycle of Pain

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Anger Management 4 Couples and Families!


If my partner or my family member is not the enemy, then why do we keep hurting each-other?
If anger is not the enemy, then what is anger?


Doing the things that you love the most?
Feeling good, healthy and connected?
Getting the most out of your life?
Following your dreams?


September 13th, 10am to 4pm in Vancouver

Recipe for Ending the Cycle of Pain:

  • Create a safe space for people to talk about their experiences.
  • Recognise that there’s always a reason for the things we do.
  • Other people are doing what they need to do.
  • Accept “what is” and forgive people for doing what they’ve done and for being the way that they are.
  • Forgive ourselves for thinking, feeling, saying and doing the things we have.
  • Cultivate more acceptance and more compassion towards ourselves and others.
  • Discern which of our fears pose an immediate threat and which are residues from our past.
  • Bring our unconscious thoughts and behaviors into the light so that we can observe them with compassion.
  • By repeatedly responding with acceptance, rather than rejection, our emotional habits shift, stress dissolves and pain recedes.
  • Keep this in mind and enjoy life and the richness of your relationships.
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