Behavioural Loops (B-Loops)

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Excellent: Philip’s group is such a highlight for my weeks! His facilitation style is inspiring and touching. His ability to create a safe and relaxed atmosphere is a gift! He radiates love and support and comes across as open, reliable and authentic. Gratitude and appreciation!!

H - Vancouver

Excellent: The course material continues to unfold for me as my understanding deepens. I see continual reflections of the work in my ongoing daily interactions.

L – Vancouver

Breathtaking: Very loving energy in the group. Safe to feel vulnerable without any blocks.

Philip is a very loving facilitator, making sure everyone’s needs for understanding course concepts are met! I highly recommend that program and especially Philip as its facilitator.

M– North Vancouver

This work brings me true peace and the tools to experience my life in a more constructive and healthy way.

Deep and insightful work, Philip. You are an amazing, gentle and humble facilitator. What a pleasure to be a part of the group and work you have created for yourself and others.

H - Vancouver

Philip is truly in a space of service to others in the most loving, sincere, and sophisticated way. He remains relaxed, calm centered and authentic in a spirit of compassion while helping us laugh and enjoy the process.

Z - Vancouver

Dude delivers on growing and expressing the real, whole you from the heart …

D - Vancouver

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