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The self improvement industry is estimated to be worth $11 billion in the United States alone. This industry includes a variety of market segments from holistic institutes, infomercials, books and audio books, motivational speakers, websites, seminars, personal coaching, online education, weight loss, and stress management programs. This growing market is expected to continue to see an average of 5.5% gains each year. .

Do you ever consider why the US population, a population that is wealthier; more empowered; experiences lower mortality; supports universal franchise and universal literacy; is better nourished and safer than almost any that has existed in the last 1000 years, or more, feels so collectively unhappy that citizens are spending $11 Billion annually just in an effort to feel good.

I mean, what’s there to feel bad about when we apparently have everything we could ever dream of having!


  • Climb Everest!
  • Individual growth and development?
  • If it’s information you’re after, read a self-help book!
  • But when you really want to reach the summit…

Philip Be’er

It has become my life’s work to support the journeys of people seeking to end their own persistent cycles of pain, enabling them to finally discover peace and happiness. Please accompany me on this journey by participating in the exciting personal growth and healing programs on offer.

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