Become excellent at Resolving Problems Between People

How would you approach these problems?

Last week a man I know cheated on his wife. How would you define the problem? When did it start? What do you think the couple should do?
One of the managers at your workplace is acting in a hostile way. How would you define the problem? When did it start? What do you think the owners should do?
My 16 year old daughter’s grades are falling. Is there a problem? How would you define the problem? What is the most likely explanation for this? What should I do?
We never seem to get anything done at our not-for-profit’s board meetings. What would you suggest?
I’d like to hear your ideas. Email them to philip who is at

  • Feeling: To solve a problem we need to be aware that the problem exists. We usually receive this information through our feelings.
  • Clarity: Until we’ve cultivated the ability to see them with clarity, we can’t accurately identify what our problems are.
  • Correctly identifying the cause: When we’re looking for the cause, it’s important to “get ourselves out of the way” so that we can be objective.
  • Take appropriate action: Seeing the problem objectively, and understanding its real cause enables us to direct our action. This is as true for personal relationships as it is for business relationships.

Being Good at What You Do:

A good manager knows when to ask for help. This is one of the things that makes them a good manager. The same can be said for a good parent, a good friend or a good worker. If you’re looking for help so that you can be better at what you do, invest a few hours in coaching with me. We’ll take a close look at how you deal with challenges and problems when they arise. Your growing self-awareness will result in much happier and healthier outcomes as you meet more and more of life’s challenges. A free twenty minute consultation can be booked at Check to see if the support I provide would help you.

Deep and insightful work, Philip. You are an amazing, gentle and humble facilitator. What a pleasure to be a part of the group and work you have created for yourself and others. H – Vancouver
Loving, safe and compassionate energy in a circle helped me to be fully vulnerable and honest with my feelings. M  - Vancouver
This work brings me true peace and the tools to experience my life in a more constructive and healthy way.
Philip is truly in a space of service to others in the most loving, sincere, and sophisticated way. He remains relaxed, calm centered and authentic in a spirit of compassion while helping us laugh and enjoy the process. Z  - Vancouver
Powerful stuff! G – Vancouver
Dude delivers on growing and expressing the real, whole you from the heart … D – Vancouver