• Are you experiencing persistent pain or anxiety?
  • Are you struggling to control your anger or any other strong emotion?
  • Is someone causing you to feel unhappy or uncomfortable?
  • Are you concerned that people see you as a “failure” or as a “loser”?
  • Have you been doing things that you shouldn’t be doing?
  • Do you feel unloved or unsupported?
  • Does making decisions feel stressful to you?

Philip Be’er offers courses, events, counseling and other learning opportunities to people wanting their lives to be different! They’re looking for a process that’s immediately effective.


Can you imagine walking into a university or a college and inquiring where you might register for a bachelor’s degree in Self-Love? If you were hoping to study towards a Doctorate in Forgiveness, so that you would be able to emulate the Truth and Reconciliation work inspired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, or to follow in the steps of Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama, masters of forgiveness, where would you go?

Philip Be’er (pronounced like “bear” or “bare”, with an in the middle) has elected to fill this academic vacuum with programs and counseling that he offers through his education-focused company, Be’er Necessities. Philip trains people to disrupt or to end Cycles of Pain in their lives so that they can become fountains of love.

He began his studies in philosophy and religious thought while still a teenager. As a young adult Philip earned certification in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Software Engineering and went on to develop an expertise in complex systems.

Philip has been influenced by the work of many inspiring, contemporary healing teachers and experienced remarkable, personal breakthroughs in his lifelong quest for healing and self-understanding.

By sharing his insights and his processes for bringing unconscious beliefs and actions in consciousness, Philip inspires his students, mentees and clients to access and to change their own unconscious habits of heart and mind, tenderly liberating decades of pain, anxiety and stress. Philip’s personal growth successes and shortcomings are unconsciously mirrored back to him by his beloved teenage daughter, Eliya. Eliya helps to keep him humble and firmly grounded in the present.

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