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  • Put you in touch with the information your body needs to heal itself!
  • Train you to rewire your brain for optimum emotional health!
  • Strengthen your personality so that people respect you and feel drawn to be with you!
  • Remove each of the barriers that has held you back!

As Human Beings we’ve always envisioned a time when peace and wholeness would be possible. During the twentieth century, wisdom that has accumulated since the beginning of human existence, flooded into the public realm for the first time in history.

Any literate person with a laptop and an internet connection now has access to almost everything that we as a species have ever known and understood. We also have access to the contemporary writings of researchers and thinkers from around the world and upon examination, these materials reveal to us the secrets of universal peace, happiness and liberation from emotional pain.

We have uncovered the Holy Grail and the task at hand is to embody what we now know, while sharing this gift with every person on this planet.

The Grail lays out a roadmap for universal healing that addresses our fear of losing attachment. It reveals the hidden dynamics that cause people to harm one another, intentionally and unconsciously. It provides us with road signs that show us precisely when we’re struggling to accept  ourselves and others.

By understanding these things, we’re able to adjust the way that we react each time that we feel threatened. We have an opportunity to take full responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. We’re finally able to heal our bodies and to repair the neural networks in our brains that have suffered harm as a result of stress that we’ve endured. Now we’re able to remove the barriers that have held us back collectively and as individuals.

For many years I apprenticed with one of the great teachers of the Grail’s wisdom and now I’m applying my aptitudes and talents to make the Grail Knowledge and Practices universally accessible through modern technology and the socially responsible use of marketing science.

Philip Be’er

Could your unconscious REACTIONS really be robbing your power, your vitality and your sense of connection right before your eyes?

Everyone experiences toxic reactions in the course of an average day, but because we generally feel uncomfortable discussing them, we’ve come up with a very wise solution:

We’ve invented TV and movie characters who act out these dynamics on screen. The next time that you’re watching a show, pay close attention when a character:

  • Hides what they’re really thinking, feeling or believing, from another character
  • Is deceptive about what they’re really doing or fakes an emotions,
  • Exaggerates or amplifies what they’re doing, thinking or feeling to elicit or to avoid an undesirable response,
  • Is uncomfortable expressing what they’re really thinking or feeling.

Avoid Management
The characters are using management strategies to control their environment so that they can feel more comfortable, but management strategies are energy intensive. It uses less of our precious energy to discover why we’re having a toxic reaction than to manage the reaction. Once we’ve figured out why we’re reacting toxically, it’s simpler to nurture healthy reactions. A healthy reaction is effortless and leaves us with energy to enjoy the things that we love doing and to be with the people whom we love being around. Be’er Necessities will train you to react differently so that you can relax and enjoy your life.

  • Proven Step-By-Step Process

    Follow simple steps that lead to relief

  • Opportunity to Learn

    UNPRECEDENTED synthesis of contemporary and ancient wisdom

  • Entertainment Therapy Component

    Allows you to Learn through the Failures and Successes of others through carefully selected video clips from popular TV series

  • Mentoring Based

    Have you been relying on support from counseling professionals who are ignoring their own baggage?

  • Safe and Discreet

    I develop a trust relationship between mentor and mentee

  • Online Resources

    All the tools you need for personal transformation

Philip Be’er

It has become my life’s work to support the journeys of people seeking to end their own persistent cycles of pain, enabling them to finally discover peace and happiness. Please accompany me on this journey by participating in the exciting personal growth and healing programs on offer.

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